48K 5-Zone 9+9+9+12+12

$7,013.00 inclusive of taxes

48K 5-Zone with three 9K(25′ lineset) & two 12K(50′ lineset) High Mount Air Handlers. Linesets work with all units.


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AHRI 5-Zone

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The 4th Generation MRCOOL® DIY Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condensers are the latest in heat pump technology. This Multi-Zone condenser, when paired with select MrCool air handlers, is capable of producing up to an impressive 21 SEER efficiency rating. It also has the ability to heat even when temperatures drop to -13°F. It features robust construction which includes a Gold Fin Condenser coating so it is sure to withstand exposure to the elements. For added peace of mind, this is the only condenser on the market that comes with a limited lifetime compressor warranty. As a MrCool DIY product, this heat pump is designed specifically to be used with MrCool’s patented Pre-Charged Quick Connect Line Sets. These line sets come pre-charged with the precise amount of R-410A refrigerant. They are also equipped with quick connectors, so the line set can be connected to the condenser by the homeowner using only wrenches. This means the installation process can be performed without retaining the services of a certified technician. Let the 4th Generation MrCool DIY Multi-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condenser be the solution to your home’s heating and cooling needs.


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