8 Smart Ways to Cut your Energy Bill

On average, the common household will spend around $2200 in energy costs this year. That is a pretty significant amount if you truly think about it. What if there was a way to cut that cost in half? Well, you’re in luck! Saving energy costs in recent years is easier than ever with the help of advances in technology. I’ll show you 10 easy ways you can start cutting energy costs today.

Top 8 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

Move appliances away from the thermostat

Have you ever noticed how hot your TV or a light can get? Well, if they are near your thermostat, it knows. The heat generated from these appliances can cause your air conditioner to continually run.

Change out those old Incandescent bulbs

If you haven’t changed over to CFL or LED bulbs, you are truly missing out. LED bulbs have an average savings of 80% over incandescent bulbs. If the energy savings aren’t enough, both CFL and LED bulbs operate at a much cooler temperature which will help reduce the overall heat inside your house during the summer.

Have your duct system inspected

If you haven’t looked at your HVAC duct system recently, it may be time to. Over time, leaks will start opening up allowing your hot or cool air to escape. You want to ensure that you get your ductwork inspected and keep it insulated.

Use ceiling fans

Fans are a very efficient way to stay cool. The breeze that the fan creates will allow you to raise the thermostat up by 4 degrees without making you feel any different.

Take care of those insulation leaks

Duct systems aren’t the only thing that leaks, your house does too. Turn off your heater or air conditioner and any fans, and hold a stick of burning incense while you slowly move around a room. Does the smoke flow straight up or does it move to one side? If it blows, you have a leak. Start by caulking around your windows and doors and install foam insulate behind outlet covers.

Add some landscape to help keep cool

Trees and shrubs not only look great, they help keep your house insulated from the outside. Trees can help shade your house and keep it cool, while shrubs help create a barrier from harsh temperatures.

Change your filter

Help your HVAC unit run efficiently by making sure the filter is clean. A dirty filter can restrict air flow and cause your air conditioner to work up to 200% harder and longer.

Switch your ceiling fans in the correct direction

Ever notice that little directional switch on the side of your ceiling fan? Switching it to the correct position can help cut energy costs by circulating air efficiently through your room. Just remember counter clockwise in the summer, clockwise in the winter. You want the fan to create a breeze in the summer but not in the winter.

These are all cheap but very effective ways to cut your energy bill this summer. However, the best part is that you can start saving today. Give us a call and ask for a consultation about ways you can start saving energy around your home. Also, ask about our Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement.