Get Your HVAC Unit Ready for Winter with These Tips

When cold weather hits, you’ll naturally expect to be able to turn your heater on and have it keep your home and family warm.

No one expects problems when they fire it up for the first time each season and hopefully, you won’t have any, but instead of simply hoping that your family’s heat source will be issue free, there are a few easy things that you can do to make sure your HVAC unit is running in peak condition before firing it up this winter.

Change the Filter Regularly

The HVAC filter in your home helps remove dust, pet hair, and other particles from the air as it makes its way into your HVAC unit.

If it’s not changed regularly, it becomes covered in dust and dirt which forces your unit to work harder to make up for the blocked air flow.

Typically, it’s recommended that you change your unit’s air filter every three months.  If you have pets or a particularly dusty home, however, you’ll want to consider changing it out as often as every month.

It’s also good to make sure that you’re using the right kind (and size) of filters too.  In most cases, standard HVAC filters will work just fine, but if you or someone in your home have any issues with allergies, you may want to look at using filters that remove more allergens from the air.

Check Your Thermostat

Your unit could be in perfect condition, but that won’t do you any good if your thermostat isn’t working properly.

Before the temperatures drop, make sure your heater engages when you turn up the temperature on the thermostat.  If it doesn’t, then replacing the thermostat may be an easy fix without needing to call for emergency service.

Have an older thermostat?  This may be a good time to upgrade to a newer, more energy efficient version.  There are several available today that will allow you to automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on the time of day, saving your unit energy when no one is home and saving you money in the long run.

Make Sure the Ducts are Clear

Over time, dust, dirt, and debris can settle into your air ducts.  Turning your heater on can blow this into the air and cause allergy issues for you and restrict air flow throughout your home.

Make sure your vents are debris free by removing any floor register covers and visually inspecting inside the duct. If you find any, you can use your vacuum hose to remove any dust or dirt that has built up in that area.

If you find a considerable amount of debris or suspect that all of your ducts may be dirty, you may want to consider having them professionally cleaned.

Get an Inspection

The best way to ensure that your HVAC unit is operating as efficiently as possible throughout the year is to get it inspected regularly.

Our Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement is just what you will need. We will come out to your home up to two times a year to inspect and clean your HVAC unit. We’ll clean the burner and ignition assembly, clean the evaporator coil, inspect all electronic components, and so much more. You can expect lower utility bills, extended equipment life, and fewer repairs. You’ll also get a 10% discount on all repairs and no overtime charges.

These simple steps will ensure that your heater is running smoothly and is ready to keep you warm all winter long as soon as you turn it on.